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Foods and wines at The Coachman Guest House

If you come to visit the Swellendam, you must have booked a room at the Coachman Guest House where you receive the best traditional foods and wine in the city. The receipts are very old, being inherited long before the actual existence of the guest house. So, their food and wines are representing South Africa’s history related to the wild and pure gastronomy that has become quite famous around the world.

One of the favorite experiences of the tourists coming to the Coachman Guest House is to have their breakfast prepared after the traditional receipt, between 7 and 10:30 am, and served with a smile. The food is delicious, tasty and very healthy as there are many local vegetable used for cooking. While staying at the guest house you will get to eat peri peri chicken, chili glazed chicken salad with a mix of cucumber, avocados and tomatoes, fillet steak with some secret spices on, onion soup and many other traditional dishes.

The tasty food goes well with a good wine prepared at the Coachman Guest House. You can enjoy each dinner with a red, white or rose wine made from the local vineyards. The best wines you should try are Sijnn Wines, Joubert-Tradauw wines, Van Loveren or Zandvliet. And these are only some of the famous wines you can drink in Swellandam, this city with such a strong tradition in local wine production.

To conclude, the food and wines are an important part of South Africa traditions that manage to attract many tourists curious to discover the most unfamiliar local tastes and flavors, all of them leaving this place with the memory of a great gastronomic experience. Moreover, they usually happen to recommend the Coachman Guest House to others not only for the conditions inside and around the house but also for the local food and wine.

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